BIALETTI Mini Express 1 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker

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Bialetti Mini Express 1 cup stovetop espresso coffee maker 

Welcome in our Bialetti family, Mini Express! Here the preparation becomes a ceremony as the fresh coffee flows in front of your eyes directly from the two spouts into the cups (cups not included). The small platform provides enough (theatrical stage-) space for one espresso cup. The black acrylic centrepiece can be touched ( carry the coffee maker) even when the aluminium is hot. Technically the Mini Express is identical to the famous Moka Express. 

How to brew and enjoy a rich and delicious coffee in five steps 

  • Step 1 Fill the water chamber with cold water up to the underside of the safety valve.
  • Step 2 Insert the funnel filter and fill it with about 16 grams of freshly ground coffee. Do not tamp the coffee grounds. Screw the top part onto the lower heater unit. 
  • Step 3 Place the coffeemaker onto your heat source. Place a small espresso cup under the spout and leave it for about 4-6 min.
  • Step 4 When the cup is about 80% full with espresso, turn your heat source off.
  • Step 5 Place your cup on a saucer and, enjoy!

Specifications Bialetti Mini Express 1 cup coffee maker

  • Aluminium
  • For gas-, electric- and ceramic cooker
  • Please follow all instructions carefully
  • Diameter 7.5cm (at bottom), height 16cm
  • 1 cup version

Country of origin

Designed in Italy, made in Romania.

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Global Trade Item Number: 8006363212816
Manufacturer Part Number: 0001281/MR
Material: Aluminium
Size: 2 Cup Size, Diameter 7.5cm (at bottom), height 16cm
Colour: Silver
Country of origin: Italy, made in Romania
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Height 12.00
Depth 17.00


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