ISgift Cloud Storm Glass Weather Station

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Storm glass weather station shaped like a cloud

Details and Features:

  • Glass
  • Sustainably sourced beech wood base
  • Size 13 x 11.5 x 5 cm
  • Keep out of the reach of children: this is not a toy. It can be fatal to children if sucked or swallowed.
  • Contains Camphor 20.76/230G. Poison.
  • Flammable liquid

Description Storm Glass weather station

The cloud-shaped storm glass with beech wood base is, above all, a beautiful object. It is a modern interpretation of the chemical weather glass, also known as "FitzRoy's storm barometer". Nowadays, it is more of a charming curiosity than a precise weather station, but in the 18th century, sailors often used it to predict changes in weather conditions. Admiral Robert FitzRoy in particular, promoted the storm barometer as a means of forecasting emerging storms and used it during his voyage as a meteorologist with Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle.
This historic device responds to atmospheric fluctuations. It works indoors and outdoors and is best placed on a desk, mantelpiece, shelf or windowsill.

How to predict the weather 

  • Clear liquid: Bright and clear weather
  • Cloudy liquid: Cloudy, possible precipitation, thunderstorms & rain
  • Small dots in the liquid: Expect humid or foggy weather
  • Large flaky crystals: Overcast, snow in winter
  • Threads of crystals near the top: Windy weather
  • Crystals at the bottom: Indicates frost 

Country of origin

Australia / Made in PRC
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