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Modern style cuckoo clock in black with genuine bird voices recorded in nature

The German BirdHouse is a cuckoo clock with a refreshing modern design inspired by the famous original Black Forest 'Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr'. By cleaning up the often over-decorated traditional lines the BirdHouse cuckoo clock is fit for modern styled interiors. The look is pure, simple and clear and blends in easily with various home decoration styles. Furthermore, the clock comes with an unexpected charming hidden feature. The little birdie is 'multi-lingual', it can sing in various genuine bird voices, a cuckoo voice and also in further 12 European songbird voices from Blackbird to OrioleThe chants were all recorded outdoors by Jean-Claude Roché. The bird voices emerging from this lovely cuckoo clock sound so authentic that your visitors will comment on it and ask where the nice chirping bird is hidden.
Chose between the following three modes.
Mode 1: every full hour a different bird sings (12 different birds)
Mode 2: the cuckoo counts the hours with his calls, from 1 to 12 calls corresponding to the hour
Mode 3: you chose one of the 12 birds and it sings for you every hour
In addition, and important for kids, a light sensor guarantees a peaceful night. The clock is available in Black or White. Each clock comes with a choice of four coloured birds (blue, green, red and white) and pendulum (black, blue, red and white) allowing you to customise your own Black Forest cuckoo clock. The BirdHouse is not just a wall clock, without the pendulum it can also be used as mantel or desk clock.
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Specifications for this cool modern cuckoo clock BirdHouse black by KooKoo

  • MDF, matt lacquered
  • 4 different coloured birds and pendants incl. to exchange
  • Light sensor switches the bird voices off at less than 10 Lux 
  • Batteries 3 x C (LR14), not included
  • Dimension H 27.5 (43.5 cm incl. pendulum) W 17.5  cm
  • Cuckoo + 12 genuine native European songbird voices recorded in nature
  • Colour Black



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Height 21.00
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