METALBIRD | Corten Bird Silhouette | Kingfishers

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Kingfishers, Corten Steel Outdoor Bird Silhouettes 

The Kingfisher duo is a precision laser cut from 3mm Corten® steel. Once exposed to the elements, this special steel develops a stable rust-like deep brown appearance. The layer acts as a protection against further corrosion. The birds add a poetic element to your outdoor area, attract real birds just like themselves and are almost bulletproof. To install them you simply hammer it in. 

Kingfishers live all over Australia, but ­predominantly in coastal regions. Cloaked in stunning green, blue, turquoise and orange plumage, some kingfishers were once in danger of being hunted to extinction for their feathers. Despite their elaborate garb, these stocky birds are tough, and hunt by darting upon prey in a flash of colour from branches above the river or forest floor. The kingfisher’s heavy beak is the perfect tool for dispatching victims quickly – they smack their hapless prey against tree branches before swallowing them whole.

Specifications Metalbird Kingfishers

  • Metalbirds are laser cut from 3mm Corten® steel
  • Corten® is weather resistant – it’s designed to rust quickly, which gives a layer of protection
  • Size approx. 13.5 x 30 cm


  • If you are installing a metalbird into a soft timber you can hammer it straight into the tree (or post).
  • When installing it into a medium or hard timber, you will need to drill the timber first and then hammer it in.


Made in Australia

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