NICO | Coffee Tamper | Stainless Steel

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Heavy stainless steel coffee tamper

Stylish polished stainless steel espresso tamper with convex base. Available diameters, 52mm and 58mm. Please order the diameter according to the filter cup size of your espresso maker. (Photograph may show more than one item!) To see a video instruction about tamping please klick on the link DISTRIBUTION AND TAMPING.

Specifications NICO coffee tamper   

  • Tamper polished stainless steel
  • Convex base
  • Size H 85mm, ø 52mm or  ø 58mm
  • Weight ca. 260gr (52mm) and 380gr (58mm)

Tampering Instructions
Very important, use a tamper that fits your portafilter. Push down the tamper to compress the coffee grounds using 40-45 pounds of pressure and then give the tamper a quarter twist, and pull it out of the filter basket as you continue to twist your wrist. Continuing to twist as you remove the tamper will ensure that no coffee grounds cling to the tamper as it leaves the surface of the puck. After this first tamp, there still may be a ridge of coffee grounds around the edges of the coffee puck, and there still might be some coffee grounds around the rim of the group handle. Turn the tamper around in your hand, and sharply tap the filter-end of the group handle with the handle-end of the tamper. This will dislodge the loose and misplaced coffee grounds, and knock them into the center of the surface of the coffee puck.
Now do a second, lighter tamping to press the newly dislodged coffee grounds into the puck. Put the blunt end of the tamper back into the tamper, and push down again, with about half the force that you used on the first tamping. As before, twist your wrist as you remove the tamper so that coffee grounds to not adhere to the surface of the tamper as it leaves the surface of the coffee puck.

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