"Design = Art for Use" is a free translation of the title of an exhibition on Carlos Obers at the International Design Museum in Munich in 1984.    


The original wording is 'Design ist Kunst die sich nützlich macht', 'Design is an art, that makes itself useful' an excellent way to describe what design should be.


Exhibition poster by Ottl Aicher, Studio Mendell & Oberer for “Neue Sammlung“, International Design Museum Munich.

This thought has been with me since I was a student in the 1980s, and it sums up what this website The Design Gift Shop stands for. The choice of gifts in this online design shop is a result of our search among thousands of items for goods which fit this slogan really well. The selection of gifts in our online design shop results from a search among thousands of items for products that really fit well with this slogan. These are often hard-to-find products and valuable items for your own use or as a gift for someone you want to feel your appreciation. Here you can get many fabulous gift ideas and find that unique design object, an ideal anniversary gift or a last-minute Christmas present.  
Your interest in our website shows that you also have a soft spot for design, and we hope that you will find the right gift for your family, friends, partners, business contacts or yourself in our online gift shop! 
We deliver quickly and on time; sending a special gift to your loved ones worldwide is just a click away.
Our approach combines a lot of enthusiasm with a European background, experience in architecture (two decades of working on major projects), graphic design (more than 15 years of book design) and art (museum and exhibition design). We have never stopped being curious about new trends in design and are still eager to learn more about them every day.
We are always looking for new talent, hard-to-find products and new gift ideas for The Design Gift Shop. Do you know a designer or a product we should carry? We love to hear from you, please Contact us!

Thank you for coming to our website and enjoy your visit,


Kurt + The Design Gift Shop Team


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