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Welcome to The Design Gift Shop — Where Design Meets Utility 

At The Design Gift Shop, we believe that design is not just an art; it's art made useful. Since our inception, this philosophy has guided us and continues to drive our selection of exquisite, hard-to-find gifts suitable for any occasion. Inspired by the renowned 1984 Carlos Obers exhibition at the International Design Museum in Munich, our motto, "Design is art that makes itself useful" reflects our commitment to offering products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a practical purpose.


Exhibition poster by Ottl Aicher, Studio Mendell & Oberer for “Neue Sammlung“, International Design Museum Munich.


Discover Unique Gifts Down Under 

From unique design objects perfect for anniversaries to last-minute Christmas surprises, our online gift shop is your go-to destination for presents that combine creativity with functionality. Each item in our collection is carefully chosen from thousands of products, ensuring you find something unique.


Fast Delivery Across the Globe 

Located in Australia, The Design Gift Shop is proud to offer fast and reliable delivery services, making it easier than ever to send special gifts to your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. With just a few clicks, your perfect gift is on its way to bringing joy and beauty into someone’s life.


A Rich Heritage in Design and Art 

Our team brings a wealth of experience with backgrounds in architecture, exhibition design, graphic design, and art, Our passion for minimalist designs, both classic and contemporary, enriches our selection, ensuring a diverse range of products, and that is what you should expect from online gift shops.


We Want to Hear From You! 

At The Design Gift Shop, we are always on the lookout for new talent and unique products. Have you heard from or seen any designers or products you think we should feature? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Please Contact us and help us enrich our collection.


Thank You for Visiting 

Thank you for choosing The Design Gift Shop, your online gift shop in Australia . We hope you enjoy exploring our curated selection of design-driven gifts. Whether you're here to find a gift or to treat yourself, we are excited to help you discover something wonderful.

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Kurt + The Design Gift Shop Team


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