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ANNABEL TRENDS Scarf Slip Through Knit


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'Slip Through Knit' unisex scarf in classic Black or Grey by Annabel Trends

  • Ultra-soft, non-scratchy 100% acrylic fibre for maximum comfort
  • Dimensions 77 cm x 14 cm
  • Unisex colours Black or Grey

Key features Annabel Trends Slip Through Scarf or Keyhole Scarf

Revolutionise your winter style with the 'Slip Through Knit' scarf from Annabel Trends.
This innovative fashion accessory eliminates the need for bulky, oversized scarves by slipping one end through the loop at the other end to create a tight neck warmer.
Please choose from the classic colours, black or grey, they look great on both men and women!.
Made from 100% acrylic yarn and measuring 77 cm x 14 cm, this pull-through scarf is the perfect blend of function and fashion.
Order now and get ready for the coming colder months!

Country of origin

Australia / PRC

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