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ANNABEL TRENDS Candle Caves Set of 3 | Lavender


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Provence Style Lavender Wax Candle Caves Set of three

The Lavender Candle Caves Set is a must have for a candle lit ambient mood indoor or outdoor! The candle caves are hard to distinguish from a normal candle but offer a huge advantage. Contrary to a traditional candle these caves won't burn down as you only place a tea-light candle inside and the translucent wax caves act like a beautiful lampshade or hurricane.After the tea-light is burned out, you only have to replace it but the candle cave stays.

Specifications for Annabel Trends Candle Caves

  • Set contains three candle caves: 1 x small (w10cm x h8cm), 1 x medium (w13cm x h10cm) & 1 x large (w18cm x h23cm)
  • Colour Lavender

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