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AREAWARE Drink Rocks - Shapes


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AREAWARE Drink Rocks - Shapes

Dimensions and features 

  • 4-piece set of drink cooling rocks
  • Material: Soapstone
  • Dimensions:

Ball (white): Φ 4.5 x H 4.5 cm
Cylinder (purple): Φ 2.5 x H 6 cm
Square prism (grey): W 3.3 x D 3.3 x H 5. 2 cm
Large square pyramid (black): W 4.8 x D 4.8 x H 4.5 cm

  • Dimensions packaging: W 23 x D 7.5 x H 7.5 cm
  • Please note: As this is a natural stone, each piece has a different colour.
  • After use simply rinse with water


Discover the unparalleled elegance of AREAWARE's 'Shapes' Drink Rocks – a modern twist on traditional ice cubes. The four shapes, a sphere, a cylinder, a square prism, and a pyramid, are crafted from coloured soapstones.
The reusable geometric chillers offer a sophisticated way for the eco-conscious and style-savvy to keep drinks cool without diluting their flavour. The set is ideal for cocktails and juices or any beverage needing a cool, undiluted sip. Embrace a unique, eco-friendly approach to your next drink. Elevate your home bar or gift them to a fellow connoisseur.
Chill, serve and impress with AREAWARE's 'Shapes' – the ultimate accessory for any beverage aficionado.

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