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BICO Keyklipz Titanium Keyring Bottle Opener | Stone Finish


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Bico Keyklipz keyring carabiner and bottle opener with stone finish

Bico stands for iconic surfer jewellery and now also for trendy and durable keyrings. Each Keyring/Carabiner is individually cut from a sheet of solid Grade 5 (6AL 4V) Titanium using precision Electrical Discharge Wirecutting (EDW) technology. The innovative unibody design allows keys to be quickly and easily moved on and off the keychain through the super-secure double gates. Each piece ges through a rigorous finishing process, it is acid washed, then hand ground before being tumbled for 24 hours in rocks and a special solution and then re-finished on all surfaces by hand.

Specifications for Bico keyring bottle opener

  • Approx: Length 5.5cm, Width 4.0cm, Thickness 4mm
  • Approx: Length 2.1 inches, Width 1.2 inches, Thickness 0.15 inches
  • Solid Grade 5 (6AL 4V) Titanium
  • Stone Finish

Country of origin


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