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BlueQ Handy Tote | I like long romantic walks to the fridge


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Handy Tote 'I like long romantic walks to the fridge' by BlueQ

  • Handy Tote
  • 95% recycled woven polypropylene
  • Size 25,7 x 22 x 11.7 cm

Description for Blue Q handy tote 'I like long romantic walks to the fridge'

As the owner of Blue Q's handy tote bag "Romantic Walks", you bravely admit what we all do from time to time - some more often than others - that we sneak around the refrigerator and wonder if we should go onto a scientific discovery tour into the hidden vaults of our most important kitchen appliance, the fridge! And besides, so what? Who can blame you for sharing this inclination if these walks are romantic?

Grab yourself one of the Handy Tote 'I Like Long Romantic Walks to the Fridge' by BlueQ, tailor-made from 95% recycled material for Aussies with a sense of humour and style. Forget those ordinary reusable bags; this tote is a standout. It's a top choice for small grocery shopping, beach days, or quick stops at the local shop and is also a beautiful reusable gift bag, e.g. filled with sweets and lollies.

Trust us, it's not just a bag; it's a lifestyle, making using an eco-friendly bag fun!

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