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BRAINSTREAM SOI Automatic Handbag Light | Large


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Automatic Handbag Light SOI, a pebble of light

Handbags, by nature, are not very well lit. Bag lights with switches or mini torches are not much help either, as you have to find them first. Here in comes SOI, the first automatic handbag light and puts an end to this hassle. SOI lights up when it senses an approaching hand or a gentle touch. After a certain time, SOI switches off again - fully automatically and energy-saving. Thanks to the high-quality LEDs and the optimised programming of the control circuit, the battery life is extended, and the luminosity increased. After approximately 6000 cycles (= switching on and automatically switching off), a battery change is required, which is easy to perform. Weighing less than 50 grams (!), the SOI is hardly noticeable in your bag or pocket. It looks very aesthetic and feels pleasant, like a light pebble.

SOI can also be a reliable light source on the bedside table in dark hotel rooms or unfamiliar places at friends' homes. Once you have used it, you will never want to be without it again.
It is guaranteed to be one of the most treasured gifts you can possibly be giving!

Specifications SOI sensoric handbag and purse light

  • Diameter: 70.2mm, height: 24mm, weight: 48 g
  • Power source 3V, max power consumption 40 mA (LED)
  • Batteries: 2x AAA LR-03 (included)
  • Colour White

Country of origin

German flag
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