CANDLECAN Cinnamon Blackberry Candle in a Can


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CANDLECAN Cinnamon Blackberry Candle in a Can

Blackberries are no longer just for decorating a cake or as a vitamin-rich ingredient in muesli. Now the ripe beauties are coming into the limelight in a spectacular new form - as an inspiration for blackberry-shaped, cinnamon-scented plant wax candles from Candlecan in the ring-pull tin.
The candle is packaged in a real ring pull tin and makes a unique surprise gift for many occasions.

Specifications Candlecan Cinnamon Blackberry candle

  • Materials: 100% vegetable wax (soy wax and palm wax), cinnamon scent, cotton wicks, metal
  • 215 g wax
  • Burning time: over 30 hours
  • Handmade product.
  • Colour and shape of candle may vary from product images
  • Safety instructions: Not edible! Keep away from small children / Burn with a sense of proportion / Keep away from flammable objects / Keep away from children / Burn on heat-resistant surface away from heat sources / Always trim the wick to 1/8" / Remove all residue before lighting / Do not use in draughty areas / If the flame smokes, extinguish and trim the wick
  • Comes in a  gift package tin can and cardboard
  • Candle can dimension: 10 x 10 x 4.7 cm
  • Fragrance: Cinnamon Blackberry

Country of origin


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Global Trade Item Number: 4779040571073
Manufacturer Part Number: Cinnamon Blackberry
Material: Soy wax, palm wax, metal, cardboard
Size: 10 x 10 x 4.7 cm
Colour: Dark-blue
Country of origin: Luthiania
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Height 12.00
Depth 12.00


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