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CLOCKY Alarm Clock That Runs Away | Black

CLOCKY Alarm Clock On Wheels

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Plastic, Rubber
13.2 x 9 x 9 cm
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Clocky alarm clock on wheels in black, "The runaway alarm clock"

Meet Clocky: The alarm clock that outruns your snooze button

Sick of oversleeping and running late? Meet Clocky, the runaway alarm clock that’s here to revolutionize your mornings. This cheeky little gadget in sleek black is not your average alarm clock—it’s a determined little bugger on wheels that will have you leaping out of bed, whether you like it or not.

Why Clocky is your new best mate

People abuse the snooze, forget about snoozing through your mornings. Clocky takes wake-up calls seriously. It lets you snooze once. When it goes off for a second time, it bolts off your bedside table and scurries around your room, beeping like a mini R2D2. It’s a hilarious and foolproof way to make sure you’re up on time.

Start your day the right way

No more missed meetings or late starts. With Clocky, you’re guaranteed to rise and shine. This little guy is perfect for blokes who find mornings a bit of a struggle. Its unique design and quirky functionality make it the ultimate wake-up buddy for anyone needing that extra nudge to get moving.

Features that make you go "Wow!"

  • Runaway Action: Jumps off your nightstand from 3 feet high and runs around, forcing you out of bed.
  • Robot Beeps: Sounds off like an R2D2, ensuring you can’t ignore it.
  • Snooze Proof: Makes hitting snooze a distant memory.

The fun way to beat oversleeping

Imagine starting your day with a laugh as you chase this runaway alarm clock around your room. Clocky’s designed to make mornings more engaging and less of a drag. It’s not just an alarm clock; it’s your new partner in punctuality.

Get Clocky today

Tired of the snooze button controlling your life? Time to take charge and let Clocky help you jumpstart your mornings. Don’t let oversleeping be your downfall. Grab Clocky now and wake up on time, every time. Remember, “When you snooze, you lose!”

uently asked questions:

Q: Is the Clocky alarm better than a smartphone alarm?

A: Yes, because Clocky forces you out of bed by rolling around the room, ensuring you can’t just hit snooze. 

Q: Does your Clocky alarm let you snooze?

A: You can set Clocky to give you one snooze before it runs away and beeps, or no snooze at all, making sure you get out of bed. 

Q: Can Clocky jump off its nightstand or a table and then run around?

A: Yes, Clocky can jump off its nightstand and run around the room, making sure you get out of bed to turn it off. 

Q: What sound does the Clocky alarm make?

A: Clocky makes a hilarious R2D2-like beeping sound that ensures you wake up and chase it down.

Q: Is this really the original Clocky?

A: Yes, this is the original Clocky, the runaway alarm clock that ensures you get out of bed by giving you the option for one snooze before it starts running and beeping.

Q: For whom is the black Clocky best for?

A: The black Clocky is best suited for those who prefer a sleek, modern look and want an alarm clock that blends seamlessly with any bedroom decor while effectively getting them out of bed.


Q: Do you carry other alarm clocks too?

A: Yes, many more in various styles. Check them out at this link for alarm clocks.

Features of the Clocky alarm clock on wheels in black

  • Original Clocky alarm (no copy)
  • Runs away beeping (R2D2) on carpet or wood
  • Durable! Jumps from heights up to 75 cm
  • Loud R2D2-like robot sound for heavy sleepers
  • Option to snooze once or disable snoozing
  • Option to turn off the wheels / roll away function
  • Display backlit
  • 12 or 24-hour mode
  • Quartz movement, excl. 4 AAA battery
  • Dimension 13.2 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Colour Black


Gauri Nanda

Country of origin

Designed in the USA

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