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COMPACT DESIGNS | Knock Out Tube | Large


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Compact Designs large coffee grounds knock box by The Coffee's Been

If you brew your espresso through a high quality machine with a portafilter, you need a knock-out tube for the left over coffee pucks. And make sure, your knock box is large enough to hold several days worth of coffee grounds as it makes life as 'home-barista' so much easier. The Knock Box from Compact Designs fits this brief. It is made from hard wearing polypropylene and features a stainless steel rod with rubber sleeve to knock the portafilter upon. A rubber ring around the base prevents the box from slipping during use. It is one of the sturdiest designs on the market. In comparison with other domestic coffee waste boxes it is quite large and should hold one weeks coffee grounds. It's design compliments any traditional coffee machine. The award winning knock-out tube from Compact Designs is made in Australia.
And don't forget, the left over used coffee grounds can go straight into your compost as they make an excellent fertiliser and act as pest repellant.

Specifications for the Knock Box

  • Box material polypropylene
  • Stainless steel rod with rubber sleeve
  • Anti slip rubber gasket
  • Size H 175mm, ø 155mm
  • Dishwasher safe, dismantles for easy cleaning
  • Colours Blue or Lime Green



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