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KARLSSON Wall Clock Elegant Numbers White


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Steel, Glass, Plastic
40 x 5.8 cm
Country of origin:
The Netherlands
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White wall clock Karlsson Elegant Numbers 

Dimensions and features

  • Painted steel rim
  • Glass lens
  • Quartz movement, excl. 1 AA battery
  • Dimension  Ø 40 cm x 5.8 cm
  • Colour white


If you are always drawn to minimalist elegance, then we have just the thing for you with the Karlsson Elegant Numbers wall clock. Its subtle Art Deco flair makes for a strong presence in the room without being obtrusive. Its beauty lies in the details. Look at the numerals, which appear simple at first glance but add a touch of sophistication with their refined alignments. Have you noticed that the numerals point either inwards or outwards and are to the left or right of their respective indices? This seemingly whimsical placement is not arbitrary but based on an arrangement that is not immediately obvious but logical.

The white dial with the black numerals and hour markers is protected from dust by a glass lens.

This wall clock fits immediately into a modern interior and is the perfect choice for someone who appreciates refined simplicity. 


Box32 Design

Country of origin 

The Netherlands

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