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KOOKOO Kids Alarm Clock KidsAlarm | Red


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KidsAlarm red alarm clock with animal voices from KooKoo

With the exclusive KidsAlarm, children are awakened by the soft sounds of animals - what a great way to start the day! Five different real sounds recorded in nature are available to choose from. The rooster crows - even in the middle of the city, the dog barks friendly, the pig grunts and the cat meows softly, but the trumpeting elephant wakes even the deepest sleeper. With a rotary knob on the back of the alarm clock, children can decide which animal they prefer to wake them up in the morning. The alarm clock is activated by placing one of the five magnetic animals on the top of the clock. The KidsAlarm alarm clock is made from high quality MDF wood and is available in 5 different colours. It has an automatic crescendo in 3 levels (low-medium-loud), a snooze function and a light button.

Specifications for KooKoo KidsAlarm Clock

  • Gentle, natural waking with genuine animal voices recorded from nature
  • 5 waking modes, rooster with dog, cat, pig or elephant voices
  • Alarm is activated when one of the 5 animals „stands“ on top of the clock
  • Alarm sound with automatic “crescendo”: low (91 db) – medium (100 db) – loud (116 db)
  • Snooze function and light button
  • Extra silent quartz movement 
  • Dimension  H 11.5 x L 11.0 cm
  • MDF, matt lacquered
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Colours Red

Country of origin 

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