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KOOKOO Kids Wall Clock RedBarn | Small


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Kids (and Adults) Farm Animal clock RedBarn

Our RedBarn desk and wall clock is modelled after colourful farm buildings. It was created by the Spanish designer Maia Ming for KooKoo  Germany. The hours are marked by 12 authentic farm animal voices and accompanied by the turning of the giant black weather vane on the roof. Each time the white hand is upright, one of the twelve farm animals can be heard. At 13.00 the bee hums, at 14.00 the duck quacks, at 15.00 the donkey hee-haws, and so on with frog, dog, rooster, cat, cow, horse, sheep, goat and pig.
Thus, even children quickly learn to distinguish the different hours of the day and eagerly wait for the next animal sound. Twelve coloured dots on the front of the clock mark the individual hours and are easy to remember. Large, clearly distinguishable hour and minute hands in black and white help to read the clock. 
Instead of the twelve different animals, only the cock can be given the reigns, and like a cuckoo clock, it calls the hour one to twelve times, so that everyone knows what time it is. When night falls, the animals also sleep in the barn. A light sensor at the front of the silent clock reacts to the darkness and ensures that the children's dreams of their own farm are not disturbed.

Specifications for KooKoo Farm Animal Clock Red Barn

  • Clock with 12 animal voices: bee, duck, donkey, frog, dog, cock, cat, cow, horse, sheep, goat and pig
  • Two voice selections: 12 farm animals or the rooster on its own
  • Turning weathervane
  • Silent quartz movement
  • Light sensor switches the animals off by less than 10 Lux
  • Volume adjustable
  • Batteries  3 x AA (LR06) 1.5 V (not included)
  • Case high-quality MDF wood
  • Dimension  H 16 cm, D 8.5 cm, L 12 cm
  • Colour red/black
  • Age recommendation 5 y+

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