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KOOKOO KidsWorld Wall Clock Farm Animals Sounds | Blue-Black


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KooKoo 'KidsWorld' wall clock with farm animal sounds and blue-black rim

Enjoy the animal voices from the farm with the KooKoo KidsWorld wall clock. Every hour on the hour, a different one of the twelve animals lets its voice be heard for about 10 seconds. The bee hums, the duck cackles, the donkey hee-haws, the frog croaks, the dog barks, the rooster crows, the cat meows, the cow moos, the horse whinnies, the sheep bleats, the goat moans and the pig grunts.
n the evening, of course, all the farm animals go to sleep and only wake up again the next day at sunrise (an integrated light sensor ensures a peaceful and quiet night). All twelve animals are shown on the clock face in many colours as hand drawings. An accompanying brochure with fascinating information is enclosed with the clock.

Specifications for KidsWorld farm animals wall clock

  • Reliable silent quartz movement with the creeping second hand
  • Flat glass lens
  • Blue-black coloured plastic frame
  • 12 hand-painted farm animal illustrations
  • Every hour on the hour an animal makes its sound for approx.10 seconds
  • Light sensor switches the animals off by less than 10 Lux 
  • Batteries 3 x AA 1.5 V (not included), don't use rechargeable batteries as they have only 1.2 V
  • Dimension  Ø  34 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Weight 1kg
  • Farm animals: 1. Bee, 2. Duck, 3. Donkey, 4. Frog, 5. Dog, 6. Rooster, 7. Cat, 8. Cow, 9. Horse, 10. Sheep, 11. Goat, 12. Pig

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