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LOYAL LOOT | Log Bowls | Size 5


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Loyal Loot Collective handmade lacquered timber log bowls size 5 Ø 114 - 139mm

The fantastic Log Bowls from the Canadian Loyal Loot Collective combine the incomparable beauty of tree logs and bark in their rough, natural state with a high gloss vibrant colour finish. Each bowl is one of a kind as it is hand-crafted using varieties of trees from the province Alberta in Canada. All wood off cuts are locally reclaimed from fallen or cut down trees due to infrastructure, re-landscaping, draughts, or stormy weather. The timber is hand selected, processed and finished by the Loyal Loot Collective with the aid of local crafts people. Materials used to finish the bowls are furniture grade and water based.

Specifications Loyal Loot log bowls

  • Natural timber log cut offs
  • Acrylic paint, water based gloss finish 
  • Not suggested for food consumption
  • Size 5, between Ø 114 - 139mm (4.5 - 5.5 in.)
  • Heights and weight vary
  • Available colours  Aqua, Dark Grey, Dark Orange, Kiwi


Doha Chebib Lindskoog



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