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LUCKIES Deluxe Scratch Map Travel Edition


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Luckies Scratch World Map - Deluxe Travel Edition

  • The map is printed on high class paper
  • Front top layer black matte finish covered in a gold foil for easy scratching (best with an eraser or fingernail)
  • Backdrop black & white
  • Map size: 42cm x 29.7cm
  • Map is supplied in a protective transport tube

Description Deluxe Scratch Map Travel Edition World  

Experience the world anew with the Deluxe Scratch Travel Map from Luckies of London. Its compacter size is perfect for the ever-on-the-move adventurer. Building upon the tremendous success of our original large Scratch Travel Map, we've crafted this travel-friendly version featuring premium matte black paper adorned with a striking gold foil overlay.
The map's precious finish elevates it to more than just a tool - it's a unique, treasured keepsake.
Scratch off the golden top layer to unveil vibrant colours beneath, marking your journeys and inspiring your future adventures. Rather than a standard coin, try using an eraser, your fingernail, or even a guitar pick to preserve the paper's exquisite finish.
Though this Deluxe World Scratch Map in its Travel Edition mirrors our larger version in style and function, it's been thoughtfully resized to 42 x 29.7 cm (16.5 x 11.7 inches) to accommodate the globetrotter's lifestyle.
Flip it over, and you'll find a black & white backdrop that offers ample space for personalised notes, doodles, and memories. This space becomes your unique travel diary as it captures your adventures and experiences during your journey.
Moreover, it features a wealth of fascinating facts to check off as you travel. It inspires your wanderlust and makes this map an engaging and educational companion. The Deluxe Scratch World Map is an ageless source of joy and discovery, perfect for planning, documenting, or retracing your steps worldwide. Embark on your next adventure with this exceptional scratch off map of the world as travel companion!
Or give the gift of exploration and make your loved one's travel days truly memorable.

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Designed in the United Kingdom

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