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Men's Republic Ultimate Grooming Kit for Men - 7 pcs in Paint Can

Men's Republic

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Men's Republic Ultimate Grooming Kit for Men - 7 pcs in Paint Can

The Men's Republic 7-piece grooming set is the ultimate skincare set for today's body-conscious man. An all-in-one 7-piece grooming arsenal is neatly packed into a uniquely stylish, transparent paint can.
The all-encompassing kit offers a refreshing combination of body and facial care essentials. It boasts the following masculine aromatic fragrances: notes of fresh bergamot and warm, earthy undertones of amber & cedar wood.
Our curated grooming collection makes a standout gift, perfect for many occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Father's Day. 

Here's what the Men's Republic Essential Grooming Collection includes:

  • 150ml Invigorating Shampoo: Kickstart your day with this revitalizing shampoo.
  • 150ml Energizing Body Wash: Wash away the day's stress and feel clean and reinvigorated.
  • 150ml Exfoliating Body Scrub: Remove dead skin cells and restore your skin's elasticity.
  • 100ml Soothing After-Shave Balm: Nourish your skin post-shave and reduce redness and irritations.
  • 120ml Hydrating Body Cream: Keeps your skin soft, supple and well-hydrated.
  • Premium Shaving Brush: Experience an upgraded shaving ritual with this high-quality brush, ensuring an even lather and a smooth shave.
  • Soft Towel: Dry off with our soft, plush towel, a luxurious addition to your everyday grooming routine.

Discover the ultimate body care experience with the Men's Republic Essential Grooming Collection - because you deserve to look and feel your best every day. 

Country of origin

AUS / Made in PRC

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