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MODGY Luminary Lanterns Set of 4 | Starry Night


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Plastic, BPA-free
15 x 10 x10 cm
Black, Blue, Yellow
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Set of four Modgy Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Luminary Lanterns

Modgy Luminary Lanterns are the new type of mood lamps. The Starry Night Set carries proudly the famous painting from Vincent van Gogh as print lit from the inside by energy-efficient LED candles. It makes a lovely dinner table decoration for any festive moment. 
Starry Night, drawn by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh in June 1889, is one of the most recognisable paintings of all time. It is inspired by the night view from the painter's window in Saint-Rémy in Southern France. It is easy to see how passionately the artist applied vibrant colours with thick, fluid brushstrokes. 
Don McLean’s melancholic song Vincent from 1971 pays tribute to this painting and Van Gogh himself but also recognises his struggle with life as a sad and troubled man.
The lantern is to be filled with water till half full, thereon floats a water-activated LED candle and its light reflects on the water surface. The lanterns won’t break nor chip and eliminate concerns about fire hazards due to the use of flameless, floating battery-powered candles (included). They are reusable again and again, and they are also recyclable. Modgy luminaries make stylish decorations for relaxed patio gatherings or dinner parties and also help to bring the festive spirit into your house.

Specifications Modgy Starry Night Luminaries

  • 4 Luminary Lanterns
  • 4 water-activated, floating LED candles (batteries included)
  • Size approx. 15 x 10 x10 cm
  • Reusable
  • Plastic, BPA-free
  • Recyclable
  • Style Starry Night



Country of origin

Designed in USA, Made in China

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