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MUHLE SHAVING | Fine Badger Brush | Modern K856 Black


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Fine Badger Black Shaving Brush K856

The Shaving Brush K856 by German manufacturer Muhle Shaving reflects the black urban style so much liked in big cities. A sturdy high grade polyester resin handle, turned and polished with expert craftsmanship, very elegant but at the same time ergonomically functional. Fine badger hair offers supreme quality for wet shavers who appreciate a massaging effect.

Specifications for the Muhle shaving brush K856

  • Fine badger hair
  • Handle finish high-grade resin Black
  • Size medium (21mm)

Fine badger hair

Made with finer (than 'pure' badger hair) and more pliable natural hairs from 20 - 25% of the badger's body. It is longer in length and lighter in color than 'pure' badger hair. A 'fine' badger brush is more densely filled with hair than the 'pure' badger brush and will produce a correspondingly greater lather. To obtain the typical form the crown is lightly trimmed where required.


Made in Germany

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