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SIEBENSACHEN | Mozartkugel Music Box | Beech


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Mozartkugel Musical Beech Orb by Siebensachen 

The Mozartkugel or Mozart Ball, designed by Siebensachen in Berlin, is a beautiful, haptic musical orb, hand-crafted from solid premium-quality beech in a village of the Black Forest. With the turn of the key a beautiful air, the melody ‘Voi che sapete’ from the ‘Marriage of Figaro’ by Mozart, starts to chime magically from within the orb. You can roll the ball while the music is playing or it will sit still on a little metal ring (included) underneath the orb. Comes in a gorgeous gift box with instructions. This could be a gift for a baptism, a marriage or a gorgeous Christmas gift for all ages.

Specifications for Siebensachen Mozartkugel music box

  • Musical orb with 18-note chime
  • Melody ‘Voi che sapete’ from the ‘Marriage of Figaro’ by Mozart
  • Wind-up key, metal ring
  • Instructions
  • Diameter 9.2 cm
  • Material natural beech


Adam & Harborth



Made in Germany
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