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Wildlife Garden Bird Feeder Nesting Box MULTIHOLK

Wildlife Garden Bird Feeder Nesting Box MULTIHOLK

Posted by Kurt Schuessler on Apr 13th 2022

Here is what the CREAM MAGAZINE wrote in its Mother"s Day Gift Guide 2022 about our blue Wildlife Garden Bird Feeder Nesting Box and at the end some questions and answer you send us.

DESCRIPTION:This miniature Swedish blue Multiholk cottage is a combination of a bird feeder and a nesting box. The shape is inspired by the architecture of the colourful traditional wooden houses. The result is a handmade birdhouse crafted of solid wood from sustainably managed forests, and painted with eco-friendly paints. 

Feeding slots in the bottom of the house allow small birds easy access to food, while the seeds are protected from the weather and large birds. Best of all, during breeding season, the Multiholk can be converted into a nesting box. Cosy and eco all at once! Dimensions: 18.4 x 19.4 x 24.7 cm. Weight: 1kg

Our Wildlife Garden Multiholk bird feeders and nesting boxes are available in various colours.

Some Q&As about having a bird feeder and nest box like the Wildlife Garden Multiholk in your garden.

Q: How do bird feeders and nest boxes support local wildlife in Australia

A: They provide food and shelter, helping birds survive extreme weather and scarce food conditions.

Q: What role do bird feeders and nest boxes play in enhancing biodiversity?

A: They attract various birds, which control pests, pollinate plants, and disperse seeds while fostering a healthier garden environment.

Q: Can bird feeders and nest boxes be educational?

A:Absolutely; they offer a close-up look at various bird species and their behaviours, which is especially great for kids’ learning about nature.

Q: What are the advantages of having a bird feeder that converts into a nesting box during Australian summers?

A: This setup provides food when it’s not plentiful and becomes a safe nesting spot during the breeding season, helping birds thrive all year round.

Q: Which direction should a bird nesting box face in Australia?

A: It should face south to avoid harsh sun and protect from wind and rain, ensuring a safer habitat for the chicks.

Q: What mental health benefits do bird feeders and nest boxes provide?

A: Watching birds is known to reduce stress and brings peace, making your garden a more relaxing place.

Q: How do bird feeders and nest boxes help with pest control in Australian gardens?

A: Birds help keep down the number of pests like mosquitoes and aphids, making your garden healthier without chemicals.

Q: What aesthetic benefits do bird feeders and nest boxes offer?

A: They add a touch of charm and attract beautiful birds, making your garden a more delightful space.

Q: Why is it important to consider bird feeders and nest boxes for conservation in Australia?

A: They provide vital support to unique local bird species, many of which are at risk, helping to maintain Australia’s natural diversity.

These simple additions can transform your garden into a lively, educational, and eco-friendly space. They can enrich your environment and backyard experience.