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THURLBY | Luxor Soap | Various Fragrances


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Luxor Natural Soaps Cairo Rose & Patchouli, Queen of Sheba or Spikenard Lavender

The Luxor natural herbal soap from the Thurlby Herb Farm is a handmade soap using an age-old recipe combining plant oils and extracts with rain water and lye. Each batch is hand stirred, poured into moulds and cured for many month, giving a long lasting soap with a rich, creamy lather. The soaps are wrapped in gorgeous looking printed fabric and available in three fragrances. What a shame that you can't smell them right now! Soap size is 150 grams. (Photographs may use more than one item!)

Specification Thurlby natural herb soap

  • Australian handmade soap
  •  Size 150 grams
  • Soap Fragrances - Cairo Rose & Patchouli, Queen of Sheba or Spikenard Lavender