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WILDLIFE GARDEN Wall Hook Cockatoo


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Wood & Metal
13 x 5 x 5 cm
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Hand-carved Cockatoo Wall Hook by Wildlife Garden

Cockatoos are showy, inventive, and one of the most affectionate parrot species. That is why they are also sometimes called "velcro" birds. They are primarily white, but sometimes also dark grey or black.
Our cockatoo hook is shaped after the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the most common one in wooded habitats in Australia; the attached strong metal hook can easily hold towels, jackets, jewellery or even a school bag.
The animal head is carefully and intricately hand-carved from lime wood and painted with water-based acrylic paint. Each head is a little different and, therefore, unique. The cockatoo head and the sturdy metal hook together are approx. 13 cm high and 4.5cm wide.
Most impressive are ensembles of several Wildlife Garden animal heads. For example, arrange a koala, a kookaburra and a kangaroo together with the cockatoo
A great gift idea for any occasion that brings a bit of wilderness into any room and is a guaranteed success!

Specifications Wildlife Garden wall hook Cockatoo

  • Animal head hand-carved from lime wood
  • Hand-painted with hand painted in non-toxic water-based acrylic paint
  • Hook metal
  • Dimensions: 13,2 x 4,5 x 4,7 cm
  • Weight: 0,065 kg
  • A booklet with information about the animal is included
  • Comes in a gift box with a window
  • Style Cockatoo


The hook is mounted to the wall with a metal screw (screw not included). For further instructions please see this PDF


Designed in Sweden / Hand-crafted in China

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