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ANNABEL TRENDS Water Carafe and Glass Set Teal


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Carafe 800ml, Tumbler 300ml
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Minimalist Water Carafe and Glass Set in Teal by Annabel Trends Australia

Add a touch of serene sophistication to your home with the ANNABEL TRENDS Water Carafe and Glass Set in Teal. Compared to machine-made glassware, this exquisite set, crafted from 100% mouth-blown glass, showcases superior craftsmanship. The 800ml carafe and 300ml tumbler seamlessly combine functionality with style, making them perfect for daily hydration and as a decorative accent. The teal-coloured glass, reminiscent of shallow, tropical waters, enhances any space with its vibrant yet soothing aesthetic.

Once you have started to use it, you can't imagine living without it anymore. You will use it on your bedside, office, or dinner tables. This versatile set makes an ideal gift for anyone keen on staying hydrated and those who love minimalist design.

Elevate your home decor and make hydration a pleasure. Order your glass carafe and glass set today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality!

Features of the Annabel Trends Glass Carafe and Tumbler Set Teal

  • Material: glass, 100% mouth blown
  • Capacity: carafe 800ml, tumbler 300ml
  • The tumbler sits on top of the carafe and keeps out dust
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Handmade, slight irregularities may occur
  • Do not fill with hot liquids
  • Not suitable for the microwave
  • Colour: Teal

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Australian brand Annabel Trends collaborates with global artisans to craft expressive and imaginative items that add magic to everyday life.