BIALETTI Brikka 4 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker (model 2018)

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Bialetti Brikka 4 cup espresso coffee maker moka pot

Only the Brikka moka pot is capable of brewing genuine Italian style espresso with full "crema" on a stove-top. The special pressure-controlled valve ensures a rich and intense flavour from creamy coffee. In a Brikka coffee is brewed at a higher pressure and temperature than with the standard moka pots. This makes the extraction more similar to espresso from a professional countertop espresso machine with significantly more visible crema. Through the round opening, you can watch the brewing process. Distinctive puffing sounds tell you when your coffee is ready. The 4 cup size permits to share the coffee experience with friends. The Brikka espresso coffee maker is Bialetti's top model and gets consistently outstanding reviews from satisfied users in forums like "Coffee Geek".
Moka pots require periodic replacement of the rubber seal and the filters;
we also carry the replacement parts.

Specifications Bialetti Brikka 4 cup stovetop espresso coffee maker

  • Aluminium
  • Equipped with Bialetti's Brikka System®, a press static valve for optimum pressure (patented worldwide)
  • For gas-, electric- and ceramic cooker
  • Please follow all instructions carefully for an authentic espresso with "crema"
  • See Brewing Coffee with a Brikka and the charming Bialetti Commercial
  • Size Ø 10.0 cm (at bottom), H 19 cm
  • Colour Silver/Black
  • 4 cup version

How to brew and enjoy a rich and delicious coffee in five steps

  • Step 1 Fill the water chamber with cold water up to the underside of the safety valve
  • Step 2 Insert the funnel filter, and fill it with about 24 grams of freshly ground coffee, do not tamp the coffee grounds. Screw the top half onto the lower heater unit.
  • Step 3 Place the coffeemaker onto your heat source for about 4-6 min.
  • Step 4 When the see through the hole in the lid that the upper part is about 80% full with espresso, remove the coffee maker from heat.
  • Step 5 Pour and enjoy.

Country of origin


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Manufacturer Part Number: 0006784
Material: Aluminium
Size: 4 cup, Ø 10.0 cm (at bottom), H 19 cm
Colours: Silver, Black
Country of origin: Italy, made in Romania
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Height 16.00
Depth 19.00


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Bialetti Brikka

Excellent stovetop coffee maker - so simple to use
Posted by Mariam Harris, Aug 27th 2021

Fantastic Coffee

Convenient and easy to use. Highly recommended
Posted by undefined, Mar 6th 2012

Absolutely the best stove top coffee

I can't tell everyone often enough, this is THE BEST coffee maker. Way better than the moka (though they still make a good coffee too). Very impressed!
Posted by Anna, Feb 17th 2012