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BLIK Wall Decals | Anise by Ilian Dei


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Blik wall decals Anise in colour graphite or snow by Ilian Dei

These self-adhesive Anise flower wall stickersallow you to easily transform the look of any room within minutes. For example this one can be used for a wonderful decoration at a wedding reception. Affix Blik wall art stickers to any smooth, flat surface such as a wall, window, mirror, ceiling, tabletop or floor. (Photographs may use more than one package)

Specifications Blik wall sticker

  • Motif Anise
  • Colour Graphite or Snow
  • 11 wall decals / pkg
  • 1 pc, 100 x 59 cm plant
  • 2 pcs, 48 x 28 cm plants
  • 2 pcs, 96 cm stems
  • 2 pcs, 48 cm stems
  • 4 pcs, 10 cm add. Flower clusters
  • How to apply a decal: Step oneStep two, Step three, Step four   


Ilan Dei. He is an innovative and award-winning designer of products for people, from furniture and home furnishings to residential and commercial interiors. Ilan takes a holistic approach to design in a style that can best be described as a fusion of Japanese minimalism and mid-century California modern. Based in Venice, CA, Ilan Dei has been inspired by his personal experiences with diverse traditions and cultures. His is a singular voice in the world of design in the spiriti of Isamu Noguchi.

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