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Lexon – Inspirational Design

Lexon – Inspirational Design

Posted by Kurt on May 13th 2018

Lexon – Inspirational Design

MAY 14, 2018

Speaker Hoop

In recent years, interior and product design has increasingly moved away from the intricate and complex and further toward simplicity, what many believe to be the ultimate art of sophistication. From iPhones that are forever becoming sleeker and smoother to the office furniture, we spend the better part of the working week sitting on or at, practically everything in our daily lives has become ever more streamlined and modernised, a trend that makes many wonder where it will eventually take us.

In keeping with these ever-present contemporary trends, Lexon leads the way with an exciting catalogue of watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks, speakers and more that embody the appeal of modern design simplicity in so many ways. Fun and fresh with clean-cut lines and an impressive colour selection to match or offset colour schemes in all interior environments, their offerings speak a common language with the fashionable and look right at home in all contemporary settings.

As a leading supplier of Lexon products to the Australian market, The Design Gift Shop offers an exciting selection of funky timepieces and speakers that reflect Rene Adda’s, the founder of Lexon, ongoing commitment to the very highest level of inspirational and innovative contemporary design.

For the Wall

Never out of fashion, wall clocks add a touch of functionality to wall spaces while serving as central focal pieces. The modern Lexon Side Clock, designed by Ludovic Roth & Alexandre Dubreu, French designers extraordinaire, features a slightly distorted shape that adds a touch of unconformity to any wall space it graces. And it can be mounted back-to-back with another to allow the time to be read from both sides.

Side ClockSide Clock

For the Bedroom

The Lexon Flip is one of our most popular items, an LCD alarm clock available in a cool colour range to suit all bedroom designs and colour schemes. What makes this alarm clock so exciting is that it features two sides, enabling it to be flipped ON and OFF, thereby forcing the user to move and (hopefully) stay awake.

Alarm Clock FlipAlarm Clock FlipAlarm Clock Flip

For the Wrist

Androgynous, unisex and perfect for ladies and gents with both small and large sizes available, Lexon’s timepiece selection is offered in a broad colour range with something for all. With clean lines and rubber wristband providing a perfect fit, the Spring Watches offer a distinctive style that makes them ideal for work or play. Another classic from designers Alexandre Dubreuil and Ludovic Roth.

Spring WatchSpring Watch

For the Ears

Lexon’s mini speaker collection is a feast for the senses, a combination of sight and sound that takes inspirational product design to the next level and beyond. The Lexon Design Hoop Bluetooth speaker is designed by the Italian duo Valentina Del Ciotto & Simone Spalvieri and was the winner at the Red Dot Design award in 2015. Along with its high-end technical aspects, it’s an interesting item supplied with a rubber cord allowing it to be hung or installed on a wall.

Speaker Hook

For the Eyes

And as with everything in the Lexon catalogue, there’s always something for the eyes. You won’t find a more aesthetically impressive catalogue of timepieces, speakers and radios than the multi award winning Lexon range.