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COOKUT Mortar and Pestle Morty


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Mortar & Pestle 'Morty' by Cookut 

Morty by Cookut, a product from France, is a lightweight and user-friendly ergonomic mortar and pestle set with a convenient spout. The rounded shape of the bowl allows for a secure grip when you crush and grind herbs and spices. It lets you quickly prepare fresh pastes and herb mixtures while you're by the barbecue or cooker. 

For storage, the sturdy bamboo pestle fits snugly into the mortar bowl, and a loop ensures that you can easily hang the set within reach. Morty is a versatile and essential kitchen tool for seasoning your dishes with natural ingredients. 

Experience the convenience and quality of Morty for yourself – elevate your culinary creations today! 

Specifications Cookut 'Morty' Mortar & Pestle

  • Mortar black polypropylene, L 17.6 cm x W 6.5cm x H 3.5 cm, BPA free, dishwasher safe
  • Pestle Bamboo, L 16.0 cm x W 4.5cm x H 4.5 cm, hand wash only.


Antoine Lesur

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