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CORPUS DELICTI Edison Light Bulb Vase | Bluehbirne


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Edison light bulb vase Bluehbirne

The matt Edison light bulb becomes the fancy vase 'Blühbirne' (in German, a pun on the light bulb vase). The bulb-shaped vase stands upright or slightly tilted, depending on your mood, always securely on the black rubber ring. It looks good in a group arrangement or as a single object.
The bulb is made in a factory that once produced the now banned Edison light bulbs. The glass is frosted on the inside and almost opaque when dry. However, when water is added, the vase is semi-transparent tso that the flower stem can be seen.
The vase is packed in an (almost) original light bulb box.

Specifications light bulb vase Bluehbirne

  • Frosted glass
  • Vase height 95mm
  • Rubber ring Ø 4 cm


Uwe Hecker

Country of origin

Designed in Germany, made in PRC

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