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PELEG DESIGN Magnetic Vase Set of 5 | SILVER


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Magic silver magnetic vases dinner table decoration (set of five) by Peleg Design

You've never seen anything like it: a set of five delicate magnetic vases that defy gravity and stand on your table as if by magic. Individual flowers arranged in these tall, slender and elegant vases in matt silver are guaranteed to magically create a stunning glamour effect on your table, whether for a birthday, dinner party, Christmas, or any other joyous occasion. Because the vases are so compact, they are convenient to take with you on trips to decorate a festive country table or picnic table. The base plates are invisibly hidden under the tablecloth, and the vases are held in place by magnetic attraction. The vase set is attractively packaged for easy gift-giving - in case you don't want to use it yourself after all.

Specifications Magnetic Vase set of five

  • Aluminium vases with magnetic base
  • Suitable for natural and artificial flowers
  • Set of 5 vases
  • Size of the vases: 24 x1,5 x 1,5 cm
  • 5 metal base plates
  • Size of the base plates: 7.4 x 7.4 cm
  • Colour Silver

Country of origin

Designed in Israel, manufactured in the PRC

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