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INOKO Gift Set with Timber Candle Vessel and 2 Inserts


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Gift Set with timber candle vessel and two inserts by Inoko

The special gift set contains a Inoko Timber Candle Vessel and two fitting Inoko Candle Inserts. Each timber candle vessel displays its own unique life lines, created exclusively by Mother Nature herself and brings a natural style to any setting. 
has created a clever range of concrete, marble and timber candle vessels which are designed to be used with the fitting Inoko Candle Refills. They are available in an array of luxury fragrances. The idea is that you buy your preferred style of candle vessel once and then you only replace the candle refill when it runs out or change the fragrance as often as you want. It ensures that your timelessly beautiful candle vessel will last you a lifetime. The enjoyment of scented candles become much more flexible and economical.

Specification candle vessel

  • Timber
  • Fits the small Inoko candle refills
  • 83mm(H) x 83mm(W)

Specification candle insert

  • 2 small candles inserts included in gift set
  • Hand poured soy candle in aluminium tin
  • 155 grams each
  • Approx 30 hrs burn time
  • Diameter 60mm, height 76mm

Candle inserts include in this set

  • AMBER & BURNT FIG Earthy amber base notes, mixed with fresh fig and delicate warm spices
  • SPICED LIME & SANDALWOOD A bold blend of spices and cloves is tempered with zesty lime and a hint of vetiver

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