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LE NEZ DU VIN 12 aromas kit | Red Wines


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Le Nez Du Vin 12 aromas kit Red Wines

This amazing Red Wines wine appreciation kit for education and training purposes from Le Nez Du Vin (The Nose of Wine) includes 12 major aromas found in red wine. Le Nez Du Vin 12 aroma kits help to train your olfactory memory to detect and recognise different aromas in wine by developing your scent memory. This is a further step towards wine tasting mastery. The pleasure of drinking a good wine is heightened when one can appreciate different styles, and decipher the varietal definition and complexity. The quality of these aromas is irreproachable. Each aroma is the result of in-depth analysis, a combination of compounds, subtle dosage, an extremely discriminating selection designed to produce the right aroma, that cannot be falsified and will remain extremely stable. Practise with confidence. These scents are startlingly realistic and they are guaranteed to last more than 5 years! Smell how easy it is to make progress! The Kit includes an informative booklet on the sense of smell and wine-tasting. 12 illustrated texts explain how these key aromas appear and in which types of wine, with reference to the world’s finest red wines. The best gift for an enthusiastic connoisseur of wine. The Le Nez Du Vin - Red Wines kit with its 12 reference aromas completes perfectly the White Wines kit, the Rose Kit, the Faults Kit and the New Oak kit.

The Le Nez Du Vin - Red Wines kit comprises the following 12 aromas:

StrawberryRaspberryBlackcurrantBlackberryCherryVioletGreen PepperTruffleLiquoriceVanillaPepperSmokey

Specifications Red Wines 12 aromas kit

  • 12 aromas
  • Carmine clothbound book box
  • Explanatory booklet
  • Size 172 x 247 x 35 mm
  • Handmade in France
  • English version!

Country of origin


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What does the press say about Le Nez Du Vin?

"The nose is the most sensitive organ. It can distinguish between thousands of scents. There is a fascinating product that can go a long way towards making the categorization of aromas easier; this remarkable item is called le Nez du Vin ."
Antony Dias Blue

"Our eyes are taught to recognise colors and ears to hear music but our nose has never been educated. Le Nez du Vin, an educational kit for uneducated noses. Even a novice can be taught ..."
Beverage Media

Le Nez du Vin : "... whether for business or pleasure, as a wine education aid or a challenging game among friends, professional wine sensory kit for wine makers or merchants, now becoming popular with sophisticated wine consumers."
The Wine Spectator