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LE NEZ DU VIN 54 wine aromas Master Kit


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Le Nez Du Vin 54 wine aromas Master Kit (the original)

Dimensions and features

  • Limited Edition 54 aromas kit
  • Exquisite carmine cloth bound book box, making it the perfect luxurious gift
  • Essential explanatory booklet included
  • Dimensions: 294 x 382 x 55mm
  • Weight 3,75 kg 
  • Now available in the English version!

Description Le Nez Du Vin Master Kit

Improve your understanding and appreciation of wine with the Le Nez Du Vin 54 Wine Aromas Training Master Kit, a legacy crafted by the legendary wine maestro Jean Lenoir. These meticulously selected aromas, spanning fruit, floral, vegetal, spicy, animal, and roasted notes, have been distinctly categorised to deepen your insight into the intricate world of wine.
This essential collection of 54 premium red, white, and champagne wine aromas is the perfect training tool to enhance your olfactory memory, improving your ability to identify and appreciate the nuances and complexity of various wines.
If you enjoy wine or work as a professional sommelier, this aromas kit will refine your wine-tasting skills and make the experience even more enjoyable.
Moreover, this kit helps to discover the secrets of 'production natural', the organic heart of wine production, by providing insight into the characteristic aromas that emerge from the organic development of wine. This kit's long-lasting, authentic scents carry a 5-year guarantee, making it an ideal choice for personal use and a unique addition to a wine bar or shop.
The 54 aroma vials include 54 index cards explaining the relationship between the specific aromas and wine, accompanied by a comprehensive guidebook. Delve into the intricacies of wine aromas, their prevalence in particular wines, notable worldwide wine references, the defining scents of primary varietals, and the characteristics of wine aging.
Take a significant step towards mastering the art of wine tasting with the Le Nez Du Vin 54 Wine Aromas Training Master Kit. It's not just a gift, it's an immersive learning experience.

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The Le Nez Du Vin Masterkit comprises the following 54 aromas:

Fruity notes
1 lemon, 2 grapefruit, 3 orange, 4 pineapple, 5 banana, 6 lychee, 7 melon, 8 muscat, 9 apple, 10 pear, 11 quince, 12 strawberry, 13 raspberry, 14 redcurrant, 15 blackcurrant, 16 bilberry, 17 blackberry , 18 cherry, 19 apricot, 20 peach, 21 marzipan, 22 prune, 23 walnut

Floral notes
24 hawthorn, 25 acacia, 26 linden, 27 honey, 28 rose, 29 violet

Vegetal and spicy notes
30 bell pepper / capsicum, 31 mushroom, 32 truffle, 33 wine lees, 34 cedar, 35 pine, 36 liquorice, 37 boxwood (or blackcurrant bud), 38 cut hay, 39 thyme, 40 vanilla, 41 cinnamon, 42 clove, 43 pepper, 44 saffron

Animal notes
45 leather, 46 musk, 47 butter

Roasted notes
48 toast, 49 roasted almond, 50 roasted hazelnut, 51 caramel, 52 coffee, 53 chocolate, 54 smoky note

Country of origin


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What does the press say about Le Nez Du Vin?

Le Nez du Vin : "... whether for business or pleasure, as a wine education aid or a challenging game among friends, professional wine sensory kit for wine makers or merchants, now becoming popular with sophisticated wine consumers."
The Wine Spectator

Le Nez du Vin : "Learning to distinguish the different scents of wines is one of the best ways of making progress in wine tasting, but finding the vocabulary to describe a particular aroma can leave us at a loss for words.
Wine Magazine

Le Nez du Vin is the Perfect Present for Wine Lovers.
BBC Good Food Magazine

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