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LE NEZ DU WHISKY 54 aromas kit


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Le Nez Du Whisky 54 aromas kit

Dimensions and features

  • 54 aromas
  • Black clothbound book box
  • Explanatory booklet
  • Size 315 x 210 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg.
  • Handmade in France
  • English version!


Discover the intricate world of whisky through the "Le Nez Du Whisky" 54 Aromas Kit by Jean Lenoir. Expertly crafted in France, this award-winning book object in embossed black is a comprehensive guide to the multi-faceted spirit. Within its exquisitely designed confines, the following 54 scents embody a unique aspect of whisky's DNA and each of them is grouped by an aroma family and offers a distinct olfactory journey through the complex profile of the whisky. They are all shown on the accompanying aroma wheel which was developed over two decades ago by Chris MorrisMaster Distiller of Woodford Reserve.

Floral notes

1 blackcurrant bud, 2 geranium, 3 honey, 4 rose, 5 tobacco leaf, 6 hay, 7 green grass.

Fruity notes

8 pineapple, 9 cherry, 10 peach, 11 pear, 12 apple, 13 lemon, 14 mandarin, 15 orange, 16 pomelo, 17 dried fig, 18 walnut, 19 plum.

Woody notes

20 oak, 21 resinous, 22 sherry, 23 toasted almond, 24 toasted hazelnut, 25 coconut, 26 caramel, 27 chocolate, 28 vanilla, 29 vanilla, 30 aniseed, 31 cinnamon, 32 ginger, 33 herbs, 34 mint, 35 nutmeg, 36 allspice, 37 black pepper, 38 liquorice, 39 earthy.

Miscellaneous notes

40 biscuit, 41 coffee, 42 toast, 43 malt, 44 butter, 45 leather, 46 roasted meats.

Phenolic notes

47 smoky note, 48 peat, 49 seaweed, 50 shellfish, 51 medicine, 52 rubber, 53 tar, 54 sulphur.

The booklet  will take you on an exploration of whiskies from Scotland and other parts of the world, through the writings of renowned specialists and superb illustrations.
Scotsman Charles MacLean, one of the best whisky writers of our time, tells a century of Scotch malt whisky through 12 personal tasting accounts.
French writer and journalist specialised in gastronomy and spirits, Martine Nouet reveals the art of delicately harmonizing the spirit of a whisky with the spirit of a dish.

The kit serves a dual purpose: to train and enrich your olfactory memory, which is vital to appreciate whisky fully, and to enhance your understanding of whisky's origins and crafting process. Recognising and describing these aromas doesn't just heighten your personal tasting experience and fosters enriched discussions about whisky.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast keen to delve deeper into the whisky universe, the "Le Nez Du Whisky" 54 Aromas Kit serves as a comprehensive olfactory guide to whisky appreciation.


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