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THE LITTLE VEGGIE PATCH Co Seed Kit Beneficial Bug


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Beneficial Bug Seed Kit by The Little Veggie Patch Co

Hello, green thumb enthusiasts! Have you ever thought that gardening is not just about growing plants but also about nurturing animal friendships? Yes, we're talking about those tiny, helpful allies that buzz, flutter and crawl around - the beneficial critters! Any garden thrives when you have the right friends, and our Beneficial Bug Seed Kit is about nurturing those friendships. These seeds are not just any seeds. The resulting plants are like a magnet for ladybirds, lacewings and other insect heroes that keep your garden in tip-top shape. With their bright colours and inviting scents, these plants attract various beneficial insects, making your organic gardening much more productive and fun! Are you ready to host the best insect party in your garden? Then get to work on those plants!

Beneficial Bug Seed Kit content

  • Beneficial Bug Attracting Seeds: Borage, Dandelion, Dill, Tansy and Clover. It's like throwing a garden party for the coolest bugs in town!
  • Planting instructions: A little guidance on the way to happiness is always valuable.
  • Biodegradable propagation pots: We don't want our gardening to become eco-chic, do we?
  • Reusable plant labels: When you want to know who's in your green squad!
  • If you're from Western Australia, we genuinely wish to share the herb love with you, but alas, shipping is a no-go.



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