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THE LITTLE VEGGIE PATCH Co Seed Kit Edible Flowers


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Edible Flowers Seed Kit by The Little Veggie Patch Co

Have you ever thought of making your plate as vibrant as your garden? With our Edible Flowers Seed Kit, you can! Some flowers are more than just pretty things. Beyond being a feast for the eyes, they play cupid for your veggie patch, inviting beneficial buddies for a dance, and adding a splash of colour and a burst of flavour to your meals.
Imagine you are plucking a sunflower from your garden, not only to admire but to nibble on. Or decorating your salad with violas that have bloomed under your tender care. That's food artistry at its yummiest!

Seed Kit Edible Flowers content

  • Heirloom Flower Seeds: Nasturtium, Cornflower, Sunflower, Hyssop, and Viola. Grow, gaze, graze!
  • Planting Instructions: Handholding for when your green fingers need a little direction.
  • Biodegradable Propagating Pots: Mother Earth sends her love for this choice.
  • Reusable Plant Labels: Your very own 'Who's Who' of the flower world.
  • If you're from Western Australia, we genuinely wish to share the herb love with you, but alas, shipping is a no-go.



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