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BIALETTI Brikka 2 Cup Moka Pot (model 2018)


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2 cup size, Ø 9.0 cm (at bottom), H 16.4 cm
Silver, Black
Country of origin:
Italy, made in Romania
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Bialetti Brikka coffee maker 2 cup stove top espresso coffee pot (model 2018)

  • Model 2018 (6782), equipped with the Bialetti Brikka System®, a stainless steel press static valve for optimum pressure (patented worldwide)
  • Aluminium body
  • Brewing time ca. 4-6 min
  • For gas-, electric- and ceramic cooker
  • Please follow carefully all instructions for an authentic espresso with "crema"
  • Size Ø 9.0 cm (at bottom), H 16.4 cm
  • 2 cup version (70 ml of espresso)
  • Colour silver/black

Description Bialetti Brikka espresso pot

The Bialetti Brikka 2-cup coffee maker is the only moka pot that can deliver genuine Italian-style espresso with a full, luscious "crema" on your stovetop. Thanks to its unique weight-assisted, pressure-controlled valve, this remarkable coffee maker ensures a richer, stronger, and more intense flavour, resulting in creamier coffee. Unlike standard moka pots, the Brikka brews the coffee at higher pressure and temperature, closely mimicking the extraction process of a professional countertop espresso machine. The result? A delightful espresso with a significantly more visible "crema."
Observe the brewing magic unfold through the round opening as distinctive puffing sounds tell you precisely when your coffee is ready to savour. With its 2-cup size, you can easily share the exquisite coffee experience with a friend, doubling the joy.
The Brikka percolator proudly holds the title of Bialetti's top model and consistently garners outstanding reviews from delighted users on renowned coffee forums like "CoffeeGeek" or "" With a rich history in manufacturing stovetop coffee makers since 1919, Bialetti's unparalleled experience is evident in every cup brewed by the Brikka. Indulge in the perfect espresso experience like never before!

Moka pots require periodic replacement of the rubber seal and the filters; we also carry the replacement parts.

How to brew and enjoy a rich and delicious coffee in five steps and advice for "How much coffee?)

  • Step 1 Fill the water chamber with cold water up to the underside of the safety vale (about 100 ml).
  • Step 2 Insert the funnel filter and fill it with freshly ground coffee for moka up to the rim (about 15 - 18 grams). Do not tamp the coffee grounds and clean the seal and rim of loose coffee. Screw the top half onto the lower heater unit.
  • Step 3 Place the coffee maker onto a low to medium heat source for about 4-6 min.
  • Step 4 When the upper part is about 80% full of espresso (check through the hole in the lid), remove the coffee maker from heat source.
  • Step 5 Pour and enjoy.

Cleaning instructions

  • After use, simply rinse the Bialetti Brikka with water.
  • Do not use detergents.
  • Do not clean the coffee maker in the dishwasher, as this could damage the moka pot and affect the taste of the coffee.

Country of origin

Designed in Italy, made in Romania

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  • 5
    So Easy

    Posted by Jan Murphy on Jun 26th 2013

    We are soon going on a trip around Australia and wanted a simple alternative to our espresso machine to put in the caravan. The Brikka is easy to use and quick plus makes great coffee we can use it anywhere on the road.

  • 5
    Good coffee......

    Posted by Steven Vassallo on Oct 26th 2012

    The Brikka by Bialetti is the best stove top coffee maker I have owned so far. I bought my first 2 years ago from The Design Gift Shop and have just purchased my second, no that the first one did break, that's for home use, the second is to take to work. The Brikka is well made, easy to use and makes good coffee. Spares are available cheap. Don't think if you buy the 2 cup Brikka you have to make 2 cups, you can adjust the amount of coffee you use to suite your own taste and 1 cup,like I do. Enjoy.

  • 5
    Brikka, a pleasant surprise!

    Posted by Erin Hamilton on Jul 29th 2010

    Best stovetop I ever had, and I had a few.....

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