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BIALETTI Mini Express Moka Pot 2 Cup Black


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2 Cup Size, Diameter 7.5cm (at bottom), height 16cm
Country of origin:
Italy, made in Romania

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Bialetti Mini Express 2 cup stovetop espresso coffee maker 

  • Aluminium, nylon
  • For gas-, electric- and ceramic cooker
  • Moka glasses not included
  • Please follow all instructions carefully
  • Diameter 7.5cm (at bottom), height 16cm
  • 2 cup version

Description Bialetti Mini Express 2 cup coffee maker

The Bialetti Mini Express 2-cup moka pot turns espresso preparation into a ritual as fresh coffee flows from the spout into your cups right before your eyes (cups not included). Any standard-size espresso cup will easily fit on the surface of the small stand. The black nylon handle can be touched (e.g. to carry the coffee maker), even when the aluminium parts are hot. Technically, the Mini Express is identical to the famous Moka Express.

How to brew and enjoy a rich and delicious coffee in five steps 

  • Step 1 Fill the water chamber with cold water up to the underside of the safety valve.
  • Step 2 Insert the funnel filter and fill it with about 16 grams of freshly ground coffee. Do not tamp the coffee grounds. Screw the top part onto the lower heater unit. 
  • Step 3 Place the coffeemaker onto your heat source. Place a small espresso cup under each spout and leave it for about 4-6 min.
  • Step 4 When the cups are about 80% full with espresso, turn your heat source off.
  • Step 5 Place your cup on a saucer and, enjoy!

Country of origin

Designed in Italy, made in Romania.

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