'Dip' Sea Exploration - Oil & Vinegar Dipping Dish by Peleg Design

Oil and balsamic vinegar don’t mix but together with fresh bread they result in a delicious appetiser!Enjoy the fantastic display first, then dip a piece of crusty bread into it. Yum, you're ready for a Mediterranean treat! Using the different colours of the two liquids and resting on the fact
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Collapsible Blunt XS_Metro Umbrellas

With its compact format, the Blunt XS_Metro collapsible umbrella, like all Blunt umbrellas, stands up against the strongest winds. This is an umbrella to last as it won't end up in the bin after the first wind gusts. In wind-channel testing it withstands winds up to 120 km/h without bending due
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Log Bowls from the loyal loot Collective in Alberta, Canada

Fantastic LOG BOWLS now available at THE DESIGN GIFT SHOP!The Log Bowls from Canada combine the incomparable beauty of trees in their natural state with a high-gloss vibrant finish. Each bowl is handmade using only reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastruc
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