DELTER Coffee Press, Clear, 450ml

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Lightweight outdoor Delter coffee press, clear, 450ml, portable

  • Delter coffee press, 100 x paper filters, doser
  • Materials: Food grade silicone, Tritan copolyester (BPA-free), polypropylene
  • Brewing capacity: 450ml water with 28g coffee
  • Brew chamber height 160 mm
  • Filter diameter 61.5 mm
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 17 cm
  • Colour Clear

Description Delter Coffee Press  

Attention coffee connoisseurs: The Delter Press, a portable compact coffee maker, was conceived by Mark Folker, the visionary behind the acclaimed Trinity One coffee maker. Its lightweight design (228 grams) makes it the perfect companion for any excursion.

This innovative device was engineered to tackle one of the biggest coffee-making challenges—agitation. Uncontrolled agitation leads to bitterness and uneven extraction. Delter's cutting-edge Jet-Seal design separates brewing water from coffee grounds, preventing unwanted agitation. By exerting pressure on the Jet-Seal, users gain complete mastery over water flow and stirring, culminating in an unrivalled cup of coffee with enhanced clarity and minimal bitterness. Please also watch the Delter Press Introduction.

Order now and revolutionise the way you enjoy coffee.

How to brew and enjoy a rich and delicious coffee with the Delter Coffee Press 

  • To brew with the Delter coffee press, all you need are freshly roasted beans, boiling hot water and a coffee grinder.
  • By lifting the plunger, the brewing water can be precisely dosed. The contact between water and coffee is activated by downward pressure to ensure a controlled water flow and even movement.
  • You can lift the plunger again to dose again or fill up the brewing chamber for larger double portions. The result is an exceptional cup of coffee that brews faster, is less bitter and offers more clarity.

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Manufacturer Part Number: Delter Coffee Press
Material: Food grade Silicone, Tritan Copolyester (BPA-Free), Polypropylene
Size: 10 x 10 x 17 cm
Colour: Clear
Country of origin: Australia
Design: Mark Folker
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